Nashville Divorce for Men

Protect yourself with an experienced Nashville divorce lawyer for men. Matthew Dunn handles all divorce for men proceedings from the exploratory phase through the trial. Not only does he understand the stressful nature a divorce or any family law issue has on each member of the family, including the children, but Dunn Law understands that in a majority of the cases, men are not protected in divorce. Hopefully this site will give useful divorce advice for men and, reduce some of your stress by providing helpful information and insights concerning your rights and obligations as they may arise in your Nashville divorce for men proceedings.

What Your Wife Doesn’t Want You to Know

Are you thinking about possibly leaving your wife? Have you recently been served with divorce papers? Did you know that 85% of all divorces are filed by women? Unfortunately most of the divorces that are filed have nothing to do with infidelity or abuse, but because the wife is no longer satisfied with the marriage — she is bored. And, she is willing to move forward because she understands that the law favors her in a divorce proceeding. This bias which automatically attaches to her husband can cost him thousands of dollars, custody of his children, and create undue stress and tension in his relationship with his children. And that’s not all….

In a divorce, all of the husband’s assets are put at risk. Not only is he subject to excessive alimony and child support payments, but everything he has spent his life acquiring — his bank accounts, home, cars, and personal possessions are also at risk. And, it’s not just his current assets that are at risk, but his future assets as well, including his future income and retirement benefits. Additionally, the husband may be forced to assume his wife’s personal debts. Financial devastation is not the only concern. Most women are favored when it comes to custody of the children. In Nashville divorces, all child related decisions are decided by a Permanent Parenting Plan. If a settlement does not occur, all issues will be decided in the divorce trial.

What men need is a divorce lawyer for men. Matthew Dunn is a well qualified Nashville divorce lawyer for men, a specialist in knowing the issues and understanding the uphill battles facing men in divorce proceedings.

When considering the best Nashville divorce lawyer, you want one who will:

• Protect your interests in the division of assets.
• Fight hard for your financial security – now and in the future.
• Ensure you get all of the marital share that your are legally entitled to receive.
• Fight for your child custody and visitation rights.
• Obtain alimony and/or child support if you are entitled to receive it.
• Locate any hidden assets resulting from a premeditated divorce plan.
• Avoid lengthy, expensive court proceedings through mediation whenever possible.
• Provide exceptional legal service at a reasonable cost.
• Work hard for you, answering all questions and maintaining open communication.

What Dunn Law can do as a divorce lawyer for men is to fight for his rights from the unique perspective of a man’s point of view. Dunn Law will fight to protect his assets, future income and retirement benefits from an unscrupulous and greedy wife. He will fight for the husband’s child custody and visitation rights. Dunn Law will fight against the traditional biases faced by men within the judicial system.

As an experienced family law attorney in the Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, and surrounding Tennessee areas, let Matthew Dunn fight for you and provide you with the dedicated and aggressive representation you can count on.